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Internal Fighting Arts | Learn Real-World Martial Arts Insights from Top Instructors of Tai Chi - Xingyi - Bagua and Qiqong

Apr 10, 2020

Tina Zhang was born in China and lived in a home on the grounds of the Imperial Palace. She studied martial arts in school, and continued her studies in the United States after moving here as a student. In this interview, Tina talks with Ken Gullette about the internal arts and her thirst for learning, which led her to shoot, edit and write a great documentary, "Tai Chi Club," which is available for streaming on Prime Video. It is the story of Frank Allen's Wutang Physical Culture Association on the Lower East Side of New York City, and the story of Tina's journey. Tina teaches qigong, Northern Wu style Tai Chi Chuan and Cheng style Baguazhang. She is a disciple of Northern Wu style Grandmaster Li Bing Ci and Cheng style Baguazhang Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru.