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Internal Fighting Arts | Learn Real-World Martial Arts Insights from Top Instructors of Tai Chi - Xingyi - Bagua and Qiqong

Nov 16, 2023

Byron Jacobs published an excellent Xingyi Quan book in 2023 titled "Dragon Body, Tiger Spirit." In this book, Byron translates a collection of Xingyi Quan classics and provides commentary that will help anyone who studies and practices this powerful martial art. Byron lives in Beijing and has an extensive martial arts history. He has been a guest previously. Byron is a disciple of Master Di Guoyong. In this interview, Ken Gullette and Byron talk about the book, how it came to be, and details on some of the training tips and methods described in the pages. Running time is one hour and nine minutes. Byron's website is He also teaches online through Patreon at Ken teaches through his online school at