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Internal Fighting Arts | Learn Real-World Martial Arts Insights from Top Instructors of Tai Chi - Xingyi - Bagua and Qiqong

Dec 15, 2017

Ken Gullette interviews Keith Kernspecht, perhaps the most successful martial arts teacher in the world. Kernspecht is the founder and head of the European WingTsun Organization. His passion for martial arts began in the 1950s, and he studied wrestling, karate, jiu-jitsu, kempo, Shaolin kung-fu, and other arts. He began studying Wing Chun in 1970 and later became the highest ranking student under Leung Ting, who studied with Ip Man. Currently, he is also studying with Sam Chin, teacher of his family art, I Liq Chuan, and creator of Zhong Xin Dao. In this interview, Keith talks about his martial arts journey, indlucing why he attended a class for five years even though he was not allowed to participate. He also talks about his passion for learning new things, and he answers one of the controversies in the world of Wing Chun.